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Wildfires ravaged most of the south-eastern states of Australia in 2019 and early 2020. The fires destroyed over 2000 homes and killed at least 34 people. The effect on animals and wildlife has been devastating. It is estimated that one billion birds, mammals and reptiles were reportedly killed by the fires.… Read the rest

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Did you know that 8% of all Greenhouse Gas emissions are from the textile industry?
That’s even more than the emissions from Shipping and Aviation combined.… Read the rest

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I recently became a first-time mom, and it’s the most exciting season of my life. Sometimes I’m scared by the weight of the responsibility of raising this tiny, precious baby. Other times I’m just filled with love and a deep desire to do my best for this baby, no matter what it takes.

But let me take you back just a little to my baby-bump journey over the last couple … Read the rest


Global warming is primarily blamed on human actions. Our activities have contributed greatly to the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The thing that’s most alarming to environmentalists and scientists is the unprecedented rate of increase of greenhouse gases over the last few decades. This is what is referred to as the Carbon Foot… Read the rest

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With over 8 million tons of plastic ending up in our oceans annually, the waterways of the world are facing a major crisis. To see how best to manage the problem from its source, we decided to investigate the top 7 causes of microplastic pollution in the oceans. Sadly, human activities are progressively contributing to making the world’s oceans a dumps… Read the rest

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If you are Living Consciously, then you are continually trying to achieve a plastic-free lifestyle by reducing the amount of plastic you buy. How do you achieve plastic-free oral care to achieve a sustainable lifestyle? What plastic-free oral care products are out in the market at the moment? We want to share some of the popular plastic-free oral care brand… Read the rest

Zero Waste Bathroom

Is it possible to be plastic-free and zero waste with our bathroom and beauty products? Many personal care and beauty products we use last for a short time. Sadly, the packaging they come in is from plastic, either in part or entirely.… Read the rest