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Did you know that 8% of all Greenhouse Gas emissions are from the textile industry?
That’s even more than the emissions from Shipping and Aviation combined.

Introducing Sustainable Fashion

In my previous post, Sustainable Fashion – The Whys and Hows, I looked at reasons for growing trends towards Sustainable Fashion. I also took a peek into 4 Tips to Make your Wardrobe more Sustainable.

In this post, I’ve put together 25 Quotes on Sustainable fashion. It helps us share interesting things people are saying about Ethical, Eco & Sustainable Fashion.


It takes 2720 liters of Water to make ONE T-shirt. That’s how much we normally drink over a 3 Year period.
Extending the Life of Clothing by a further 9 months would Reduce –
  • Carbon,
  • Waste and
  • Water footprints
by about 20-30% Each.
The most Valuable Resources come from Nature itself. It’s what we do with those Resources that becomes either a Solution or a Problem.


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As consumers, we have So Much Power to change the world by just Being Careful with what we Buy.
Nature has all the Solutions for Sustainable Fashion.
Buy Less,
Choose Well,
Make it last.
Fast Fashion thrives on low prices, and that usually involves low wages… Especially for Women.
Call it ‘Eco Fashion’ if you like… But I think it’s just Common Sense!


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The Greatest Threat to our Planet is believing that Someone Else will save it!
It would take 13 Years to drink the amount of water used to make One T-shirt and a pair of jeans.


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Become an Active Citizen through your wardrobe.
Fast Fashion isn’t Free… Someone, Somewhere is Paying!


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Clothes aren’t going to change the World.
The Women who wear them will.
Every time you spend money, You’re casting a vote for the kind of World You Want.


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If not Me, then who?
If not now, When!


A mountain range as visible from a river in the valley next to it

Do the Best You can until you Know Better.
Then when you know better, Do Better!


Tracy holding a green bike in a rural setting

Green is the New Black.
8% of all Greenhouse Gas emissions come from the textile industry.
That’s more than the Combined emissions from Shipping & Aviation.


A dove standing on a flowering branch

There’s no Beauty in the finest cloth if it makes Hunger and Unhappiness.
What you do makes a Difference, and You have to Decide what kind of difference you want to make.


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You can be Stylish and Sustainable, all at the same time.
95% of discarded clothing can be Recycled or Upcycled.


Tracy wearing a white dress in a rural setting

Quality not Quantity! Everybody’s buying far too many clothes.


A woman with arms wide stretched is marveling at the ocean

Buy Less, Buy Better and Really Wear it! Have you started living consciously? Are you involved in any Eco  activities?

Have you started living consciously? Are you involved in any Eco activities? We would love to know: Drop us a line on any of our Social Media handles and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Let’s Do This Together!


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  1. Dhwani
    Dhwani says:

    Very informative and commendable blog.
    Here is my attempt on writing about Fast fashion, textile waste and how we can take steps for taking care of Mother Earth and it’s people as she does for us. People need to dedicate and expand their knowledge so that we can make a difference as we are all together in this.


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