My name is Claire, and I’m a work-from-home mum. My journey of Conscious Living started in 2018 when Plastic Pollution became a thorn in my flesh. The need to change to a more Sustainable Lifestyle became apparent once I became aware of all the harm I could see plastic pollution doing to my beautiful country of Malaysia.

A duck trying to eat a plastic bag filled with garbage

In the past, my thinking had been that the Malaysian government needed to step up its efforts in cleaning up the country. I felt like the Minister of Environment was not doing his job, and that our legislators in government were not passing (and enforcing) laws that would manage plastic use, plastic waste, and plastic pollution.

Then it reached a point where people all around me, friends and neighbors alike, started falling sick. They contracted nasty chest infections because of prolonged exposure to second-hand smoke from the recycling plants that were burning plastic waste in our neighborhood.

The most vulnerable to these infections were the children; it was heart-breaking to see how they suffered. This became my wake-up call, and I decided to change my attitude towards the problem of plastic pollution.

A bird poking in the mud next to a plastic bottle that has been thrown

Now, I practice Conscious Living right from home, because at the end of the day, I believe that Conscious Living starts with the person. It’s all about taking action in our small niche of the world.

And that’s what the Conscious Claire blog is all about. We aim to share the steps we’ve taken at home in Malaysia towards Conscious Living.

Quite Simply, Conscious Living, to Me, Means:

  1. Being kind to our world
  2. Protecting our environment from harm and pollution
  3. Making daily sustainable decisions that Positively impact nature.

Since 2019, I’ve incorporated several aspects of Conscious Living into different areas of my daily life. Let me share with you how my journey to a Sustainable Lifestyle started. I will open up on how my husband and I started Introducing Conscious Lifestyles into all that we do.

Then in my post, Plastics and Conscious Living, I will share with you the challenges Plastic Waste Disposal creates. I will share from my personal experience at home in Malaysia, and how we are encouraging one another to embrace a Sustainable Lifestyle.

Conscious Living Posts Coming Soon…..

I will also show you how I do things in My Zero Waste Kitchen and how I handle leftovers from cooking Malaysian dishes. That’s in Zero Waste for Kitchen Leftovers. Also, coming up, I will share with you some exciting places I’ve visited, which practice sustainable tourism. That’s in my post on Reflections on Sustainable Tourism.

Did you know that you can grow mushrooms in leftover coffee grounds? And even use the coffee grounds to keep snails and slugs away from your flowers and veggies in the garden? These are some of the tips I will be sharing in Zero Waste Coffee & Tea Leftovers. So many fun and easy DIYs right there.

And as a bonus, I’m going to be giving you a peek into my Pregnancy Journey, and how I was able to make Conscious Living choices while pregnant. Get to see how my hubby coped with me and my food cravings, in my first baby-bump journey. That’s in my post on Pregnancy and Conscious Living.

Start Living Consciously

Have you started living consciously? Are you involved in any Eco activities? We would love to know: Drop us a line on any of our Social Media handles and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Or better still, Become a Conscious Claire Partner. Just click on the link and sign up to become a partner. There are different ways of partnering with us.

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