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Lots of attention has shifted to sustainable fashion in recent years, as the world becomes sensitive to the downside of fast fashion. Awareness about the True Cost of fast fashion has shifted demand. Consumers keep on raising the ‘Eco bar’ for fashion brands. Then there are those like MuniMuni Studio, a young fashion brand that’s made a commitment to produce ethically made footwear.

Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries, coming in 2nd after oil. Very sobering when you think about it. While it’s a good thing to explore and switch to sustainable materials for our clothes and shoes, it doesn’t end there. It’s also really important to consider HOW those items are made.

Ethically Made Footwear – What it Means

Designing a beautiful garment or trendy shoe is one thing. Ethical craftsmanship, on the other hand, is quite different and more important. When it comes to footwear, what does it mean when a shopper wants to buy ethically made footwear? Let’s break it down a little.

Ethically made and eco-friendly footwear means there must be security, transparency and trust in the manufacturing process, especially when it comes to:

  1. Working conditions – Safe workplaces, especially factories based in developing nations;
  2. Consideration of labor rights – Fair wages;
  3. Exploitation – Respect for women’s rights; zero tolerance for forced labor or child labor;
  4. Fair trade – Supporting fair trade practices between brands and producers in developing countries;
  5. Sustainable production – Supporting a non-wasteful, circular economy;
  6. Animal welfare;
  7. Environmental impact – Ensuring that we minimize the carbon footprint of production processes; efficient water usage, and non-polluting manufacturing processes;
  8. Societal impact – Developing and supporting local communities; concern about the welfare of workers’ families and communities.

Many fashion brands depend on developing countries for raw materials and labor. Sadly, many of the brands have been unaware of the unethical practices in those countries that workers undergo. To be considered ethical in their processes, fashion and footwear brands now have to show commitment in upholding ethical values.

This has to start right from the materials used for the final products, and extend to all facets of the manufacturing process.


Munimuni – Footwear Made Ethically

Munimuni sandals on the beach

MuniMuni is a Filipino word signifying “to ponder” or “to reflect”. This young brand manufactures within the Philippines, supporting local craftsmen and artists in the process.

According to their website, MuniMuni is committed to using ethical practices, and also subscribes to Fair Trade principles, including:

  1. Fair payment,
  2. Opportunities for the disadvantaged,
  3. Good working conditions,
  4. Transparency.

Featuring a collection of lovely, handmade sandals and shoes, MuniMuni uses natural fibers (Manila Hemp) on their uppers that are entirely biodegradable. They support a minimal waste approach by using plastic-free packaging.

What I really love is that they use locally-derived Abaca fiber for their packaging. They do a pouch or a woven bag for the shoes, both of which you can reuse. It’s all about avoiding single-use packaging for their products.

Eco packaging of munimuni sandals laying on grass

As a bonus, MuniMuni offers free repairs to their clients, standing behind the quality finish and durability of their sandals. The brand sells predominantly in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, but they hope to expand to the West soon and sell on Etsy and Amazon too.

For the moment, be sure to check out their MuniMuni Studio site. Look out for the latest designs coming soon to a stockist near you. Also, hop over to their fun Instagram page and take a look at the weaving process by the local craftsmen. It’s a unique skill, handed down through generations, and they still use it today.

So much to learn, and so much to love about MuniMuni.

MuniMuni – Ethically Made Footwear for a Fun, Beachy Look.

Start Living Consciously

What other sustainable footwear brands have you tried? We would love to know: Drop us a line on any of our Social Media handles, and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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