Reusable Coffee Cups - Our Top 11 Picks

Coffee is easily one of the favorite universal beverages, fueling the minds of office and non-office coffee brains worldwide. In the last couple of years, reusable coffee cups have become very popular, as more people switch to sustainable lifestyles.

Takeout coffee is one of the biggest businesses in the world. It accounts for 100s of millions of coffee lovers across the world. Because of this huge number, there have been efforts by cafe’ owners to find alternatives to the typical paper or styrofoam cups.

Compostable Coffee Cups: The good news is that Compostable paper ‘hot cups’ and their lids are now available in bulk on Amazon. The ‘hot cups’ have a plant-based coating on the inside, which keeps your coffee hot and will compost on disposal. Biodegradable coffee cup lids are also sold on Amazon. This type, for instance, is quoted to have the ability to degrade fully in 90 to 120 days in a commercial composting facility.

Bring Your Own Mug: This has become the trend for coffee lovers, which has in turn influenced discount programs in several coffee shops across the US and Europe.

Several coffee shops incentivize the use of reusable coffee cups (like sustainable paper cups) by giving discounts to buyers coming with their own mugs & cups.

These Coffee Shops include:

  1. Starbucks (Temporarily paused from March 2020 due to Coronavirus fears)
  2. Peets (Check out their Reusable Coffee Cups & Tumblers here)
  3. Waitrose Supermarket
  4. Leon
  5. M&S
  6. Seattle’s Best
  7. Pret a Manger
  8. Greggs
  9. Costa Coffee, and many others.

The Gradual Switch to Reusable Coffee Cups

Although non-compostable paper and Styrofoam cups are still used in many parts of the world, the switch to sustainable alternatives is well under way. Sustainable paper cups are more common, despite them being lined with a thin plastic coating to help keep them waterproof.

For many years, coffee shop owners struggled with the costs of upgrading to biodegradable takeout cups. The reason was that it had a direct implication on their costs and bottom-line.

The tide has changed significantly over the last 6 or so years. Manufacturers are now in a race to provide Eco friendly, sustainable coffee cups for cafe’ owners. Coffee lovers now have a lot of choices, with options ranging from stainless steel, ceramic, glass and compostable alternatives.

Our Top 11 Picks of Reusable Coffee Cups

Sustainable drinkware now comes in fantastic variety. This includes reusable coffee cups and mugs like the selection we found here. They are available in different shapes, sizes and colors that will suit your preferences and unique travel circumstances. So, there’s something for every taste.

But this post goes beyond simply listing brands we think are great.

We also took time to find out about their Community Outreach initiatives, Sustainability mission, and how they are Giving Back. Let’s take a look at our top picks.

1. Bru Reusable Coffee Cups

We absolutely love the huggable shape of the Bru reusable coffee cups, and the fact that they are Barista approved. This means they not only fit nicely under the coffee dispenser at the coffee shop, but they’re also the perfect Latte’ size (340ml).

With a protective matte finish on the outside, and fun, trendy colors, these coffee cups look good and are really functional. They are made to remain sweat-proof. This means no moisture will condense on the exterior of the cup and your grip remains nice and firm.

The bottom-heavy design makes them steady enough to sit on most surfaces. Probably the only downer on the shape is that the cup may not fit into some cup holders.

There’s more that we think you will love about Bru Cups

  1. Double-wall insulation keeps your favorite brews hot for 3 hours and ice cold for 6 hours.
  2. These cups retain an ambient temperature, no matter how hot (or cold) your drink is.
  3. They are entirely BPA and BPS free, and the lids are made from Tritan, which is heat and chemical resistant.

Bru’s Community Outreach & Sustainability Initiatives:

  • Bru’s Sustainability footprints – Encouraging reuse by creating a durable cup design. This feeds into their philosophy of 4 Rs in their end-to-end processes. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.
  • Keeping it ‘Green’ – Bru uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified packaging for shipping their products.
  • Reducing their Global Warming Footprint – Bru is in the process of doing a Life Cycle Analysis on their cups, in an effort towards becoming Carbon Neutral.

2. Hydro Flask Insulated Coffee Mug

This insulated coffee mug comes with a press-on lid to prevent splashes as you carry your coffee around. You will absolutely love the trendy colors of Hydro Flask’s reusable coffee cups. They range from pink-watermelon, to olive or pacific blue, stone gray or black, and much more. They cater for both conservative and risque’ tastes.

Not sure if the cup design will hold in your coffee without spills? Or you need something to fit in a car holder? Opt for the insulated coffee flask instead. With 12oz, 16oz and 20oz capacity options, HydroFlask gives you the flexibility to carry as much or as little beverage as you want.

What We Love About Hydro Flask Reusable Cups & Flasks

  1. They come with double-wall vacuum insulation, which works to keep your drink hot (or cold) longer.
  2. No flavor transfer happens between your coffee and the cup/ flask. This is because the quality of stainless steel used is 18/8 pro-grade, which doesn’t retain or transfer flavors.
  3. Powder-coated finish on the cups and flasks gives you a firm, sweat-free grip.
  4. Condensation-free materials ensure that your mug won’t ‘sweat’.
  5. Durable design and materials means that you get years of use from each Hydro Flask product.
  6. BPA free and Phthalate free ingredients, making these products Eco friendly.

Hydro Flask’s Community Outreach & Sustainability Initiatives:

Hydro Flask is big on parks in communities, and works through their charity outreach arm, Parks for All.  Their community outreach goal is to support non-profit organizations in the following:

  • Building;
  • Maintaining;
  • Restoring, and
  • Providing better access to parks.

In the last 3 years, they have supported 92 non-profits in this venture, and made donations amounting to about $1.5 million.

They’ve even donated over 26,000 bottles in support of this initiative. Find out more about their fun Parks for All program here, and get involved in supporting them.

3. Corkcicle Coffee Cups

Corkcicle’s triple-insulated coffee mugs are favorite picks when it comes to stylish coffee-to-go. Featuring a sip-through lid with built-in slider, this handy mug is a convenient addition to your daily routine. This shatter-proof lid is also spill-resistant, making for stress-free carrying from one place to another.

We love the fact that the triple insulation keeps your beverage hot for up to 3 hours. So, your drink stays nice and hot even after unexpected interruptions to your day. Add to that the easy-grip sides, handle, and a non-slip silicone bottom, and you’re all set to enjoy your favorite beverage.

Corkcicle’s Community Outreach & Sustainability Initiatives:

  1. Clean Water: Corkcicle believes in giving back. For every online purchase of their products, Corkcicle donates 5% towards Clean Water projects around the world.

  2. Covid19 Support: Corkcicle have implemented an initiative to support local businesses during the trying season of Covid-19. This is super important in a time when lots of businesses are closed and have laid off workers. We think this is quite noble of them – find out how to get involved here.

4. Miir Coffee Cups & Tumblers

We love Miir because they give amazing options for coffee to-go. They’ve got:

  1. Thermal insulated Tumblers in 5 sizes;
  2. Camp Cups – 12oz and come with press-fit lids;
  3. Travel Tumblers with leak-proof lids (12oz, 16oz and 20oz);
  4. Impressive Sustainability footprint.

All these reusable coffee tumblers are made from 18/8 medical grade stainless steel that’s durable and recyclable at its end-life. You also won’t experience flavor transfer with the Miir tumblers. Nor that icky metal after-taste that other brands sometimes have.

Out of the 3 tumbler/ cup options, the travel tumbler gives the best temperature control for your drinks. This is because it has a leak-proof, insulated lid that ensures the contents are kept as cold or as hot as when you packed them.

So these sleek reusable coffee cups don’t just look good; they really deliver on functionality too. While the camp cups may not fit into your car’s cup-holder, the tumblers will definitely be the better option for your coffee on the go.

Miir’s Community Outreach & Sustainability Initiatives:

When it comes to Community Outreach, we love the fact that every Miir product sold helps fund trackable charity projects. They do this through the Miir Product to Project initiative, which gives back in supporting communities and sustainability initiatives.

There are 3 critical areas that Miir supports:

  1. Clean Water and Sanitation: Miir partners with respected non-profits across the world, supporting 43 WASH projects, to provide vulnerable communities with this basic need;
  2. Healthy Environment Initiatives – Currently supporting 2 Projects;
  3. Strong Communities – 16 Projects currently being supported.

Miir supports organizations that are committed to ensuring a healthy environment, comprising:

  • Healthy soil
  • Clean water
  • Thriving ecosystems
  • Stable climate

Take a look at all the projects Miir supports here.

5. Frank Green Reusable Coffee Cups

We absolutely Love the trendy colors of Frank Green’s reusable coffee cups. At the time of writing this article, they were sold out on their website, and were only available on Amazon.

Their ceramic reusable cup features a chic stainless steel exterior and a ceramic inner layer. This protects the contents of your reusable mug from cross-transfer of flavors, retaining the delicious taste of your coffee drink.


What We Love About Frank Green’s Reusable Coffee Cups

  1. Double-wall vacuum insulation ensures that this cup does what it’s supposed to do- keep your coffee as hot (or cold) as you want it to be, for longer.
  2. On their website, you can customize the cup design. The customization ranges from picking out colors for the body, and lid, to the color of the push button. If you want to color-coordinate, you can. But if you want to go wild and totally mix up the color tones, you can do that as well.
  3. These coffee mugs are available in 3 sizes: Small (6oz), Regular (10oz) and Large (16oz).
  4. We love the size and design of these mugs, which make one-handed drinking really easy. Plus, they readily fit into most car cup-holders, making them perfect for coffee to-go.

Frank Green’s Community Outreach & Sustainability Initiatives:

Frank Green recently started supporting Beyond Blue, an Australian organization involved with supporting those with mental health issues. During these times of global pandemic, we find ourselves in a particularly stressful time.

The job losses, the illness itself, and the enforced isolation that people find themselves facing is triggering lots of mental health challenges. Beyond Blue deals with anxiety, depression and suicide prevention support.

Frank Green’s CEO – Benjamin Young – has pledged to donate $1 for every online order, and 5% of every wholesale order to support Beyond Blue. You can read more about Benjamin Young’s inspiring reasons behind this, and about this much-needed initiative here.

6. 24Bottles Travel Tumblers (Certified B Corp.)

Leak-proof, insulated and compact – That’s what 24Bottles bring you in their reusable travel tumblers. Carry your coffee to go, or even a smoothie in these nifty Eco mugs, and enjoy drinking it hours later.

The wide array of designs and colors allows you to switch your mug to match your style or mood. Choose from vibrant sunset orange to chic white carrara, or classic black marble.

24Bottles does a lot more than look great. They’ve combined form and function to produce highly efficient travel mugs that work great for a life on the go. Here’s a quick run-down of the key features of 24Bottles Travel Tumblers:

  1. We love their durability. They take the normal knocks and dings of everyday handling pretty well due to the 18/8 food grade stainless steel. You can reuse them for years;
  2. They are dishwasher safe and have a wide mouth, making it really easy to wash up;
  3. Double wall insulation keeps your favorite beverage hot upto 6 hours and cold upto 24 hours;
  4. Entirely sustainable materials that are 100% BPA free, phthalates free and toxins free;
  5. No cross transfer of flavors between your drink and the mug;
  6. These travel mugs aren’t affected by acidic or carbonated drinks, giving you limitless options in the drinks you can carry in them;
  7. Easy hold features: the mug keeps ambient temperature, is sweat-free and does not condensate.

24Bottles’ Community Outreach & Sustainability Initiatives:

Inspired to support sustainable living through plastic-free products, 24Bottles are made from stainless steel and are entirely BPA free.

They are a Certified B Corporation and work towards achieving carbon neutrality in their company. 24Bottles actually has their own forest, the Oxygen Forest. At the Oxygen Forest, 24Bottles facilitates tree planting to negate the carbon emissions from their production processes. You could read up some more on that here.

7. Swell Takeaway Mugs (Certified B Corp.)

When it comes to premium, stainless steel drinkware on-the-go, Swell has become the ultimate ‘Go-To’ brand. For your takeout coffee, the Swell Takeaway Mugs are definitely worth considering. These mugs have a press-on lid that fits snugly onto your cup, preventing splashing or spillage as you walk.

If you need something that will fit in your car’s cup-holder, you may want to consider the slimmer Swell Travel Mugs. Swell Travel Mugs also come in a wider variety of colors, and their lid is leak and spill-proof. Here are a few more things we liked.


What We Love About Swell Takeaway Mugs

  1. Vacuum insulation keeps your drink hot for hours.
  2. Leak-proof and spill-proof lid aids in carrying the mug in your bag without annoying spills.
  3. Sleek shape of the Travel mug makes for easy one-handed operation, and fits in your car’s cup holder comfortably.
  4. BPA/ BPS free.
  5. Durable, reusable, recyclable stainless steel design

Swell’s Community Outreach & Sustainability Initiatives:

  1. Swell very recently became a Certified B Corporation, a certification that is extremely difficult to attain. This certification assesses the impact of the company on its workers, customers, community and environment. Read more on that here;
  2. Over the years, Swell has partnered with UNICEF to support projects providing safe and clean water to vulnerable communities;
  3. Swell also partners with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to support research into Breast Cancer;
  4. The Lonely Whale organization is another initiative Swell supports, which seeks to support healthy oceans. Take a look at Lonely Whale’s projects here.

8. Mira Insulated Travel Mugs

Mira reusable coffee mugs feature double-wall insulation, designed to keep your coffee hot for up to 4 hours (or ice-cold up to 8 hours). Their mugs are made from food-grade stainless steel, and are designed to last years without rusting or breaking.


What We Love About Mira Travel Mugs

  1. Sweat-proof exterior, so no wetness on the mug.
  2. No cross transfer of taste to or from your drink and the mug
  3. Lovely tapered cup shape so it’s easy to hold, and fits into most cup holders.
  4. The mugs are available in different sizes – 12oz, 16oz, and 18oz options.
  5. They have a customizing option, allowing you to put a customized logo or print on the products. Great if you want to promote your team or business event.

Mira’s Community Outreach & Sustainability Initiatives:

Mira gives back through their support for the Community Water Center in California. CWC works to provide clean, safe drinking water to Californians. Read more on that here.

9. Yeti Rambler Reusable Mugs

You cannot go wrong with Yeti products – they deliver big-time on functionality and still look good. Because of their double-wall vacuum insulation, your hot drinks remain hot, and cold ones cold for hours.

Need something a little more travel-friendly for your coffee? Consider the Yeti Tumblers, which have a slimmer fit so they slide snugly into your car’s cup-holder.


What We Love about Yeti Rambler Mugs.

  1. Yeti reusable cups are made from 18/8 kitchen-grade stainless steel, meaning the mugs are durable and rust resistant
  2. Convenient cleaning because they are dishwasher safe.
  3. The double insulation of the body maintains the mug’s ambient temperature. What this means is that the mug doesn’t get ice cold or scalding hot and burn you.
  4. They’ve got 3 different sizes of this mug – 10oz, 14oz and 24oz. Plenty of options to suit your thirst gauge.
  5. You can customize your Yeti mug(s) with prints you want. Doesn’t matter whether they are for corporate giveaways, gifts or team events. Take a look at how that works here.


10. Klean Kanteen Reusable Coffee Cups (Certified B Corp.)

Klean Kanteen’s handy reusable keep cups come with their own lid to prevent your drink from splashing out as you carry it. Crafted with double-wall insulation, these stainless steel ups keep your drinks hot for 2 hours and cold for up to 10 hours easily.

Their powder coated exterior makes the mugs more durable, chip resistant, and easy to hold. Klean Kanteen is a Certified B Corporation, certified to be 100% carbon neutral in the manufacture and delivery of its products internationally. Find out more on that here.

This family-owned business crafts BPA-free drinkware that is environmentally friendly and has premium performance. These keep cups are highly popular for their quality, durability and functionality, and even come with a lifetime guarantee.

If you need something bigger to hold your favorite brew, Klean Kanteen’s insulated tumblers are perfect for you. These tumblers will keep your morning coffee hot for 4 hours, and your cold drinks ice-cold for up to 20 hours. Now, that’s performance!

Klean Kanteen’s Community Outreach & Sustainability Initiatives:

  1. Klean Kanteen is a Certified B Corporation and is 100% carbon neutral. Find out how they partner with Climate Neutral here.
  2. They use a patented Eco-friendly bottle coating called Klean Koat. Wondering what makes Klean Koat different from other powder coatings used on similar products? Discover the difference here.
  3. As a partner of 1% for the Planet, Klean Kanteen supports organizations that are committed to protecting the environment and wild spaces.
  4. Access to clean water and reducing single-use waste are at the core of Klean Kanteen’s Eco friendly activities and approaches.
    They have partnered with 5 Gyres for many years on initiatives to restore healthy, plastic-free oceans. Take a look at our related post, Life in a Plastic-Free Ocean, where we discussed more on this topic.
  5. In support of research towards breast cancer, Klean Kanteen has partnered with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. The mission of BCPP is to eliminate environmental toxins that have been linked to breast cancer.

11. Simple Modern Scout Coffee Mugs

We just had to include Simple Modern coffee mugs in this discussion for the sheer diversity of colors and patterns. Boasting up to 14 different patterns and shades, Simple Modern has really taken the market by storm. With these coffee mugs, you can literally switch the color to suit your mood or wardrobe daily.

Their reusable coffee cups are available in 3 sizes – 12oz, 18oz and 24oz, giving you plenty of choice for your takeout beverages. The 2 bigger sizes feature a sleek tapered shape that fits comfortably into most cup holders.

These mugs are fitted with a BPA-free flip lid, which is leak- and spill-proof, making it easy to carry around your mug on the go. Crafted with a double-walled vacuum insulated wall, Simple Modern Coffee Mugs keep your drink piping hot for hours.

Simple Modern’s Sustainability Footprint:

  • By crafting drinkware that’s built to last through the years, Simple Modern supports zero waste because their products are reusable for years.
  • Product packaging is made with fully recyclable materials in an effort to reduce waste. So they make deliberate steps to eliminate plastics in their packaging.
  • Implementing recycling concepts.
  • Using sustainable materials to make their products.
  • Minimizing printing.
  • Reusing water in certain production processes as much as allowed.

We Thought you Might Also Like This…

Here are an additional item we thought you might also like:

Costa Coffee Reusable Cups

Several coffee shops stock merchandise that promotes sustainable coffee drinking. This is usually to support their mission on sustainable business. Costa Coffee in the UK is one such coffee shop.

They don’t only brew coffee; they also have their own merchandise, in the form of reusable cups. Their stainless steel mugs are a chic combination of rich silver and maroon, in line with the corporate colors.

Costa Coffee’s Community Outreach & Sustainability Initiatives:

Costa Coffee is involved in a number of sustainability initiatives, which include programs to do the following:

  • Recycle,
  • Reduce waste,
  • Responsible sourcing of coffee beans,
  • Become more energy efficient.

We would Love to Hear from You:

What other brand of reusable coffee cups would you recommend?

We know our list is not exhaustive, so we would love to hear from you. Please share with us your experiences in the comments section below. Have you started living consciously? Are you involved in any Eco  activities?

Have you started living consciously? Are you involved in any Eco activities? We would love to know: Drop us a line on any of our Social Media handles, and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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