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Wildfires ravaged most of the south-eastern states of Australia in 2019 and early 2020. The fires destroyed over 2000 homes and killed at least 34 people. The effect on animals and wildlife has been devastating. It is estimated that one billion birds, mammals and reptiles were reportedly killed by the fires.

Koala bears, which are native to Australia, are among the animals affected. Experts fear that about 30% of the population is dead. The devastation caused by the bush fires, severe drought, and extreme weather conditions has been quite extensive. And this has touched the hearts of many from the international community to step up and help Australia.

I love the fact that Smilodox decided to step up, too, and mobilize some assistance for Australia. In response to the catastrophic situation, they designed a t-shirt to raise funds for charity.

Maria wearing a Smilodox T-Shirt in support of Australia

40,000 T-Shirts to Help Australia

What Smilodox did was to produce 40,000 of these t-shirts. The goal, of course, is to sell them to support non-profit organizations involved with rescue and protection activities during the Australian forest fires. Each of these t-shirts was selling for 14.99€.

Unlike other brands which donate a portion of the sales proceeds to charity, Smilodox committed to donate 100% of the proceeds from these t-shirts. I thought that was really something. And the international support Smilodox received was amazing. They managed to raise 250,000€ and donated everything to causes helping in the Australia bush & forest fires.

Some of the wildlife non-profits involved in protecting and caring for affected animals include the following:

Other charities involved in assisting Australian citizens affected by the forest fires include these:

It feels good buying from a brand that supports worthy causes. One that it’s not just about selfish profits. So, I am really happy to share Smilodox with you. Consider this an invite to explore all the goodies they have on offer today.

Smilodox – Activewear to Rock your Lockdown!

With social distancing and Shelter-in-Place restrictions in full swing all over, staying active at home has become a must-do during the Coronavirus crisis. I discovered Smilodox activewear while looking for some cool gear to wear at home. Smilodox activewear is one fun way to rock your Lockdown, whether you’re working out or working at home.

Maria wearing Smilodox Top and Pants

Smilodox activewear has everything you need for keeping it active and leisure-wear at home. The men’s and women’s collections feature:

  • Pants,
  • Jackets,
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts,
  • T-shirts,
  • Shorts,
  • Tops.

There’s also a handy Accessories Collection, which includes all the ‘this & that’ extras you need for gym or at-home workouts. You will find socks, bags, caps, water bottles and so much more that you will love.

The ladies’ seamless range is a top favorite right now. It gives smooth, seductive contours to the body shape. Smilodox garments are made from the best fabric blends, designed to suit all athleisure needs.

Smilodox Free Face Mask Giveaway

The brand currently has a promo going on, where they’re giving away a free face mask with every online purchase of any amount. The free reusable mask is a non-medical design made from polyester. It’s washable and quick-drying.

A man and a woman wearing a Smilodox COVID-19 facemask

This is really beneficial in the current COVID-19 season, because face masks are important in preventing the spread of the virus. The coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 illness, is highly contagious and is spread through droplets from coughing or sneezing.

Because masks help slow down virus spread through aerosols, it’s now recommended that people wear facemasks when out in public. In many countries affected by COVID-19 pandemic, medical face masks are in short supply.

To eliminate competition with doctors and nurses for medical masks, people are being urged to use homemade masks.

This leaves the medical masks for dedicated use by our hardworking medical personnel. This is the motivation behind Smilodox providing a free face mask with customers orders. So you don’t just look great in Smilodox athleisure when taking a socially distant walk or going shopping. You can also stay safe with your face mask on.

The free face mask applies to every online order for purchases from Smilodox and her partner brands, Neosupps and Foodsbest. Have you started living consciously? Are you involved in any Eco activities?

Let’s Do this Together!

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