Stainless Steel Water Bottles - 12 Best Brands

At Conscious Claire, we’re on a mission to live plastic-free lives, because we hate what plastic pollution does to the environment and to our oceans. We’re always on the lookout for plastic-free, sustainable products, especially those we use daily. In this post, we will be looking at 12 of our favorite brands of stainless steel water bottles.

We all drink water. We like to have it on-the-go so that we can keep hydrated as we go about our daily activities. If you’re living sustainably, then you want nothing to do with what’s sold in plastic bottles. Glass can be cute, but it’s breakable. Glass bottles on the go don’t really work – it’ll feel like you’re walking around with an egg in your hands.

So what else is Eco friendly, light, non-breakable, and easy to carry around? Only two materials have all these features – aluminum and stainless steel.

Why Are Stainless Steel Water Bottles the Best?

Although they are called ‘water bottles,’ we use them for a whole lot more than just plain water, from lemon water to juice, coffee, and even your favorite smoothies. Portable water bottles are expected to do much more than holding drinking water. And not just any metal water bottle will do the job here.

Because aluminum reacts to acidic substances, some aluminum bottles are lined with an epoxy resin to protect the metal. The thing with this epoxy resin is that it contains BPAs, the same substance found in plastic.

Much as aluminum is a big step away from plastic bottles, the epoxy resin inner coating ruins it for their Eco profile.

Stainless steel water bottles, on the other hand, have multiple benefits. They are recyclable, reusable, durable, and light. They are also environmentally friendly and can be styled into creative colors and shapes. We found so many affordable designs and features in this collection that you could choose from.

If you want more information on the benefits of stainless steel water bottles, you could read up on them here. This is why we have decided to focus on stainless steel water bottles.

Here’s a Run-Down of Our 12 Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle Brands.

We carefully selected our pick for the 12 best stainless steel water bottle brands!

1. Swell Water Bottles

Made from food-grade stainless steel, Swell water bottles have triple-layer insulation and are entirely Eco friendly.

We love the creative designs of these water bottles, and the fact that they come with cool accessories. Swell stainless steel bottles don’t just look good; their vacuum insulation (triple-layered) makes them high-performance too.

This means that they’re designed to keep your drinks hot for up to 12 hours and your cold ones cold for up to 24 hours. They even have a layer of copper insulation, which works to prevent condensation on the outer part of the bottle.

The icing on the cake for Swell Stainless Steel Water Bottles is the ‘Personalize’ option. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying them as gifts for someone or for your kids to use. Swell allows you to personalize your water bottles with a name or message, making them perfect gift items. We liked that!

Take a look at what drives Swell’s sustainability mission. If you want, you could read about their partnerships with UNICEF, Lonely Whale, and their support for Breast Cancer Research. This is a brand whose amazing products go beyond just looking good. They are also Eco friendly, and they partner with initiatives that protect the environment.


2. Contigo

Known the world over for their quality products, Contigo doesn’t disappoint with their stainless steel water bottles.

These vacuum-insulated bottles keep your drinks hot for about 10 hours, and cold for roughly 24 hours. These bottles have their lids attached by the carry-strap to minimize the chances of losing it.

Choose from basic designs to full-body graphics in chic shades, that will make everyone around sit up and take notice. We also love the Contigo stainless steel travel mugs, which feature vacuum insulation in a handy leak-proof and spill-proof bottle. The drawback with other Contigo water bottles is that they are plastic, so you may want to keep an eye out if you’re going to avoid those.

When it comes to portability, Contigo brands are all-time favorites. Nor more spills inside your bag or games kit when the bottle tilts or swings. Contigo bottles come with an Autoseal cap, that’s leak and spill-proof, keeping the contents of your bag safe and dry.


3. Simple Modern Water Bottles

If you love the functionality and design of Swell and Contigo, but you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, then take a look at the Simple Modern stainless steel collection of water bottles.

Blue abstractly colored Simple Modern Wave Water Bottle

Image: Simple Modern Wave Water Bottle

Simple Modern collections feature a variety of trendy bottle designs, with beautiful full-body graphics you will love being seen with. Choose from any of these:

  1. Summit Water Bottles – available in 10oz – 84oz bottles, and comes in 30+ colors
  2. Wave Water Bottles – available in 9oz – 34oz bottles, and comes in 50+ colors
  3. Ascent Water Bottles – available in 12oz – 32oz bottles, and comes in 10+ colors
  4. Bolt Water Bottles – available in 12oz – 25oz bottles, and comes in 30+ colors

Get to choose from amazing designs, some of which also include chug lids and silicone’ boots’. The silicone boots fit onto the base and provide extra support and protection to the bottles against scuffs and scratches.

Simple Modern’s stainless steel water bottles are toxin-free and BPA free. You might also be interested in checking out their Sustainability Mission, which involves working to:

  • Implement recycling concepts
  • Use sustainable materials to make their products
  • Produce durable and long-lasting drink-ware
  • Minimize printing
  • Reduce use of paper and plastics especially in their packaging
  • Reuse water in specific production processes

4. Mira Stainless Steel Bottles

The Mira Brands collection is a budget-friendly option for stainless steel water bottles. These BPA-free, sweatproof, and double-wall vacuum insulated bottles are available in a fun variety of plain, floral, or marbled finishes.

A black with white flowers Mira Cascade 25oz Stainless Steel Water bottle

Image: Mira Cascade 25oz Stainless Steel Water bottle

Mira bottles are designed for a lifestyle on the go and fit backpack sleeves as well as all kinds of holder types, including:

  • Pram holders
  • Treadmill cups
  • Bike holders
  • Car holders, and many more.

What I like is that the company gives you an option to brand, customize, and personalize your insulated bottle designs. However, this is only available for purchases of over ten pieces. So if you want them for a team, competition, or as gift items, you get to customize some art or writing onto them – So Cool.

These fast-selling designs are available on Amazon as well as on the Mira Brands site Choose from Cascade, Alpine, Sierra, or Ridge variants, which come in several colors and prints to suit conservative or eclectic tastes.

5. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottles

A set of Klean Kanteen Emerald Bay Pro Kit  & Bundled Set - cup and two bottles

Image: Klean Kanteen Emerald Bay Pro Kit & Bundled Set

Klean Kanteen is your ultimate solution to sustainable Insulated Water Bottles. This company is a Certified B Corporation, certified to be 100% carbon neutral in the manufacture and delivery of its products internationally. Find out more about that here.

This family-owned business crafts BPA-free water bottles that are environmentally friendly and have premium performance. These bottles are highly famous for their quality, durability, and functionality, and even come with a lifetime guarantee.

Klean Kanteen bottles go beyond keeping hot drinks hot or cold ones cold. Their temperature preservation stats for bottle contents are quite impressive, too. They boast of ‘up to 135 hours’ for cold drinks, and up to 38 hours for hot beverages (tested in their 64oz Insulated TKWide model).

And Guess What…. If your bottle’s lid breaks, you can buy a replacement lid as an accessory, without needing to buy another bottle. We really like that!

The variety of bottle designs and colors is just so exciting. Plus, they have something for the kids as well. The Kid Kanteen is an entire collection dedicated to children’s water bottles, to get them excited about healthy lifestyles early.

Want to know more about Klean Kanteen’s Sustainability activities? Read more on things like:

  1. How they partner with Climate Neutral here.
  2. Their patented Eco-friendly bottle coating called Klean Koat
  3. What it means to partner with 1% for the Planet, and how you, too, can become a member.
  4. Klean Kanteen’s Eco-friendly activities and approaches.

6. Corkcicle Stainless Steel Bottles

A red Corkcicle Waterman Canteen

Image: Corkcicle Waterman Canteen

If you love color and prints and haven’t used a Corkcicle canteen, you need to consider these! Why? The unique color array of their collections is so exciting. These bottles are a delight to use and be seen with too. My personal favorite is the Ashley Woodson Bailey Canteen – a pretty floral print that turns heads everywhere I take it.

But There’s More Than Just Good Looks!

While other brands come with double insulation for their stainless steel bottles, Corkcicle has three layers of insulation. This gives the bottle temperature control that’s superior to many other brands.

You never have to worry about your drink once you’ve capped your Corkcicle. One reviewer says that she forgot her bottle at work, and the next day, she found that the water still had ice in it.

These bottles also feature a wide mouth, allowing you to slip in your ice cubes comfortably. The wide mouth makes for easy washing. The tapered bottle design is easy to hold in one hand and has a slip-proof finish. They also have a non-slip silicone base that gives stability, and also prevents sliding on surfaces.

Corkcicles look amazing and do everything that an insulated bottle is supposed to do – keep your hot drinks hot, and cold ones cold.

7. Yeti Rambler Water Bottles

If you’ve used any Yeti product, then you know it’s Good! The Yeti Rambler bottles are designed to “keep your drinks as cold (or as hot) as science allows,” to quote their fun tag. This Yeti video shows you what they’re all about, but let’s break it down for you next.

Made from kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel, Yeti Ramblers have double-walled insulation that keeps contents well preserved for hours. They are durable and dishwasher safe too. Plus, they come in 3 sizes – 18oz, 26oz, and 36oz.

They don’t easily scratch or dent, making them really handy to carry along for roughing it outdoors. They’re pretty easy to carry around too because of the loop in the lid.

Their wide mouth is plus for several reasons:

  • It’s easy to put ice-cubes into the bottle.
  • Convenient to drink from (over-the-nose design)
  • Easy to hand wash because you can get right to the bottom and sides with your scrubber.

Customize your Yeti: I love the fact that Yeti water bottles (and other merchandise) are customizable. Whether it’s your company logo, or for a team event, or a gift to that particular person, you can quickly get it done for you. Take a look at how that happens here.

8. Coleman’s Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Coleman’s is a brand renowned for producing camping gear and accessories that are practical enough for outdoor use.  Their stainless steel water bottles come with typical features such as double insulation, leak-proof and spill-proof characteristics.

What’s different about these bottles? Their auto seal and free-flow features, Coleman’s bottles, receive 5-star reviews for these all-important features. The unique button-operated auto-seal ensures that there are no spills, even when tilted. To prevent accidental pushing, this button is cleverly kept in place by a slide-lock feature.

These no-frills water bottles are all about performance, easily keeping drinks cold for 30+ hours. It also has a high-flow spout that enables you to hydrate quickly when thirsty. This bottle is versatile enough for everyday use in the city, or when roughing it outdoors on hiking trips.


9. Hydro Flask Insulated Bottles

Hydro Flask vacuum insulated bottles are another highly popular brand, loved for their durability and functionality. They are designed with two mouth size options – standard or wide mouth. Both of them get ice-cubes in and are comfortable to drink from.

Their 25oz bottle can hold a full bottle of wine. Great when you want a safe way to carry some chilled wine on a trip. It also comes in handy, easy to carry 18oz, 21oz, and kiddie-size 12oz bottles.

Other features of the Hydro Flask stainless steel water bottles are:

  1. They’re made from pro-grade stainless steel, which ensures no flavor transfer from your drink contents.
  2. You can purchase a boot for your water bottle.  The boot fits onto the base of your bottle and gives it added stability and protection.
  3. It comes with a lifetime warranty – that’s how much confidence they’ve got in the performance of these bottles.
  4. Powder-coated exterior that gives a subtle finish and helps give you a firm hold grip when holding it.
  5. Customize your Hydro Flask: Here, you get to mix up your preferred lid color and boot colors. So you can either choose contrasting colors or matching ones for your bottle accessories.

10. 24Bottles Stainless Steel Insulated Bottles

This Italian brand combines form and function in their bottle designs, crafting lightweight bottles with fun prints. If you like creative patterns, this is another epic brand worth checking out.

Inspired to support sustainable living through plastic-free products, 24Bottles are made from stainless steel and are entirely BPA free. They are a Certified B Corporation and work towards achieving carbon neutrality in their company. You could read up some more on that here.


What We Love About 24Bottles:

  1. They’ve got so many prints to choose from; you will be spoilt for choice, from plain pastels, black or white, to florals, exotic and even retro prints.
  2. Plus, the bottles come in several sizes, ranging between 250ml and 1000ml, to suit different hydration needs.
  3. These bottles are so lightweight and easy to carry. You will love the fact that they barely add any weight to your bag.
  4. Stainless steel makes them durable and long-lasting, giving you plenty of service out of them.
  5. These bottles aren’t affected by acidic or carbonated drinks, meaning you can carry all sorts of hot or cold drinks in them.
  6. No cross transfer of flavors between your drink and these bottles.

11. Bru Reusable Water Bottles

Bru Water Bottle - Black Magic in a desert setting with cacti in front of the shot

Image: Bru Water Bottle – Black Magic

Bru’s stainless steel bottles feature double-insulated walls that provide the perfect temperature control you look for in an insulated bottle. Bru takes temperature control to new heights, boasting of 12 hours for hot drinks, and 24 hours for cold beverages.

There’s more to love with Bru’s water bottles. They come with a lovely matt powder coating on the exterior, which makes the bottles easy to handle and durable. The sleek bottle shape allows them to fit into most cup holders, fitting into your life-on-the-go really well.

And as for the bottle colors, what you see online is what you get. Some brands deliver different shades from what you see online, which can be disappointing. This doesn’t happen with Bru, and many satisfied customers attest to this.

Bru is also actively engaged in achieving sustainable practices and attaining carbon neutrality. You can read more on their sustainability mission here. Bru may not have as much color diversity as some of the other water bottle brands reviewed, but all in all, I think you can trust your brew with Bru.

12. Tree Tribe Eco Water Bottles

Continuing with the stainless steel trend in water bottles, you will absolutely love Tree Tribe’s no-sweat, insulated designs. The clear top-selling favorite comes in a classic design with a Stainless Steel outer shell, branded with the Tree Tribe logo.

The easy-to-carry bottles feature a 2-finger loop attachment on the lids, which allow you to finger-hook and carry along with you. They combine the standard features of insulated bottles with a few other tweaks to fit the needs of an active lifestyle. Let’s break down these features for you:

  1. Leakproof and airtight lid – Apart from being leak-proof, the bamboo-capped lid keeps your drinks from spilling, due to the airtight firmness at the gasket. This makes it convenient to carry around on your outdoor adventures and over rugged terrain without worrying about spills.
  2. Tree Tribe stainless steel water bottles are suitable for an active outdoor lifestyle, due to their durable construction. The brand gives a lifetime warranty for these bottles and will even facilitate a replacement if it breaks.
  3. Plastic-free, compostable packaging is used for its packaging. When you order your bottle, it’s delivered in a box made from recycled paper.
  4. Tree Tribe believes in giving back to support nature. For every purchase made, one tree is planted. To date, over 440,000 trees have been planted around the world through this initiative. We like that!

If you’re looking for practical stainless steel water bottles and care more about supporting tree-planting than color diversity, then Tree Tribe is perfect for you.

We Couldn’t Resist These…….

Two more bottles to add to the list!

My Bkr Glass Water Bottles

I took one look at My Bkr collection of water bottles and just had to share them with you. They are so different from all the other same old, same old bottles. We love the chic, girly, ‘Naughty but Nice’ concept of these bottles.


You will absolutely feel like the diva with these bottles and their cool customizable logos like:

  • ‘Tomboy’
  • ‘Designated Driver’
  • ‘Basic Bitch’
  • ‘Queen of F*****g Everything’

The colors of the bottles come in fun pinks, purple, and a whole variety of other pastels. Want something more than peaches and lilac shades? Choose from jet black, grey, or sleek midnight blue options.

How thirsty are you? My Bkr bottles are available in 250ml, 500ml or 1litre bottle sizes, and in any color. Quenching your thirst never looked this good! And check out their Value Sets, which feature some of the following items:

  • An extra glass bottle
  • Extra bottle cap
  • Bottle cleaning brush
  • Ice Cube Tray Set (to make ice that slips in easily into this bottle – So Cool!)

Just So You Know…….

My Bkr bottles are all glass, including the lids. The good news is that they do come with protective sleeves, which we would recommend you buy to protect the bottle.

You can choose from either plain or spiked sleeve designs in their fun sleeve collection. So if you’re okay with that, go ahead and order your set. Trust me; you will want more than one once you get your first Bkr bottle.

Livana Hydraglow Water Bottles

Elegant, chic, beautifully finished, and sustainable, all in one bottle. I haven’t used these bottles, but I’ve seen excellent reviews about them. Livana water bottles are beautiful on the outside and functional on the inside.

They have triple insulation, with one layer made from copper, guaranteeing that your drink will be as hot (or an ice-cold) as you wanted it to be. Plus, there’s no flavor transfer, either from the drinks to the bottle or from the bottle material to your drink. I like that!

Crafted to appeal to women, they come in pretty pastels and steel combinations that have high visual appeal. They feature an integrated leather strap making it easy to carry.

Just So You Know……

These bottles cost more than many other brands, though – $100 per piece.

Secondly, although these are not made from stainless steel, they are BPA free and environmentally friendly. Still definitely worth looking at, in my opinion.

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