Each person looks for products that would suit their unique beauty needs, because with beauty & skincare, it’s never a ‘one size fits all’. We each have specific preferences for our skincare therapy and beauty. How do you sift through the sea of products to determine what will work for you, especially if you want sustainable brands? We looked around and fRead the rest

Sustainable Air Quality Post-Covid19: 5 Ways to Reset Our Lives

The environmental gains accrued over the last few months arising from COVID 19 lockdowns have seen significant improvement in air quality over the Earth. There’s no denying that the air is cleaner, plants & flowers are blooming, and wildlife is thriving in some of the undisturbed ecosystems. The question then becomes, how can we reset our livesRead the rest

Maria on the beach

We’re just getting into summer in most cities around the world, and it’s getting nice and warm. This means it’s time to pack up the knits and woolies in favor of lighter, breathable styles and fabrics. We looked through the collections of 10 of our favorite ethical clothing brands and found some fun summer designs we think you will like. WhRead the rest

Thrift Shopping: A Guide to the Best Online Thrift & Vintage Stores

It’s been said that the most sustainable clothing is pre-loved clothing. Pre-loved clothing can be given a new lease of life, saving you money and also saving the planet. To make shopping convenient, most thrift clothing stores have their collections available online so that you can browse anytime, anywhere. We’ve hand-picked some of the best online thriRead the rest

Sustainable Destinations

We’re all longing to be let out from lockdowns and travel restrictions. If you love the beach, traveling, and outdoor activity, then like many people, your wanderlust craving is through the roof! We looked around and shortlisted these five sustainable tourism destinations around the world to satisfy your wanderlust and celebrate new-found freedRead the rest

Let’s face it – The most versatile, ready-to-wear, no-need-to-wash garment in your wardrobe is easily a pair of jeans. But with all the hue and cry about ethical fashion, organic cotton, and fair trade, you may be wondering what sustainable denim brands are out there. Well, good news – that’s what this post is about. We’ve tRead the rest


Global warming is primarily blamed on human actions. Our activities have contributed greatly to the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The thing that’s most alarming to environmentalists and scientists is the unprecedented rate of increase of greenhouse gases over the last few decades. This is what is referred to as the Carbon Foot… Read the rest