It’s a beautiful December afternoon in Sabah, the beautiful coastal state in East Malaysia, where I live!
The sun is out, peeping through the clouds after non-stop rain all morning. The air outside is crisp and fresh. I can see my neighbors’ children riding their bikes outside. They are excited to be free after being cooped up indoors all mornin… Read the rest


My name is Claire, and I’m a work-from-home mum. My journey of Conscious Living started in 2018 when Plastic Pollution became a thorn in my flesh. The need to change to a more Sustainable Lifestyle became apparent once I became aware of all the harm I could see plastic pollution doing to my beautiful country of Malaysia.… Read the rest


My name is Maria. I have one primary mission – to enjoy an active life in plastic-free oceans so that we can protect marine ecosystems. I’m a windsurfer turned kitesurfer, and nothing is as thrilling as a rush of wind, pulling me across the surface of the water. My life is one big adventure, traveling the world, riding the wind, and the waves on the o… Read the rest